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17 Hours

If I thought Maya was Wonder Woman, after we gave birth I realized how much I underestimated her. She's absolutely incredible!!!

From the beginning, it was clear to Maya that she was not giving birth by her self. She told me all the time that we're going to go through it together.

She will carrie the physical difficulty but I will have to be her spotlight that helps her to go through the pain.

It was clear to her that during labor it would be hard for her to remain sharp and she asked me to be as strong as I could for her.

"Smile to me at all time and don't be worried" she said - and so I was.

After 17 hours of endless labor pains we did it! We received a new angel to the family and the experience was in one word - Unifying!

When it was over Maya said - Right! I'm ready for another five :D