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Maya and Yehuda Devir, a married couple, Israeli comic artists and the creators of the popular web comics "One of Those Days". 


More than 9 million people worldwide devoutly follow the lives of Maya and Yehuda on social media, a standard Israeli couple plus two, who face all the difficulties of life like the rest of us.

In their popular web comics “One of Those Days”, which publish once a week on their social media pages, Yehuda and Maya share everyday situations in an honest, entertaining, and empathetic way.

Thanks to their courage to share the most non-photogenic moments, The Devir’s created a weekly group therapy and mutual support between millions of people all over the world.

Over the last 5 years, Maya and Yehuda published 5 books, become #1 Amazon Best Seller, Attended dozens of comics and design conventions all over the world, TEDx lecturers, Youtube silver creators award winners, launch a successful online course for artists and content makers, created and sold a unique merchandise, maintained a successful online shop and crated an online documentary series named “The Heartists” accompanying a week in the lives of an Artists, with over 18 million views on their social media assets.

In 2019, Yehuda and Maya won the "The Most Creative Content Makers" award as part of the prestigious international competition "INFLOW GLOBAL Awards" in Istanbul. Winning the award emphasized that, beyond talented artists, the two are also masters at creating content and storytelling of one frame.

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