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1 Hour + 15 min. Q&A


In their lecture, Yehuda and Maya combine professional and personal secrets and tips accumulated over the years . . .

3-4 Hours

20-35 Participates 

All the tools you need for creating and maintaining an organic strong community on social media and stay relevant over time . . .

3-4 Hours

20-35 Participates 

The key to creating high quality, original content that stands out and will make your brand successful on social media . . .

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Workshop / Lecture

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About Yehuda and Maya

Like many children, Yehuda treated the walls of his home like a drawing board. Unlike many parents, Yehuda's father, thrilled by his son's extraordinary talent, decided to whitewash the walls once a week, constantly providing new canvases for his son's paintings. 


While Yehuda decorated the walls of his home in southern Israel, in northern Israel, Maya was learning from her demanding piano teacher, that "there is no such thing as less than perfect." Applying the lesson, Maya illustrated and painted reams of paper with precision and diligence, down to the smallest detail. 


A decade later, the two met during their military service. Although Yehuda was anxious for more from the outset, only a friendship developed over the first two years. Then, when the relationship assumed new dimensions, the intimate encounter of their crea-tive worlds, sparked with magic, became the secret of their success. That spark keeps them shining, like a light at sea, in the ocean of content endlessly surfacing in inces-sant social media feeds. 

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