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More than 8 million people around the world, including one hardly anonymous per-sonality, Mark Zuckerberg, devoutly follow the lives of Yehuda and Maya Devir on so-cial media. A typical Israeli couple, with a year and a half-old baby, Yehuda and Maya face challenges similar to those confronted by most couples. In a series of comic illus-trations, posted once a week on their digital media pages, they share everyday situa-tions in a candid, entertaining way, easy to identify with.


Thanks to their courage in sharing far less than their most photogenic moments, Ye-huda and Maya have created a social media platform for sharing, for experience vali-dating, and for mutual support among millions of people. Their artistic touch lends a cultural arts tag to the materials they share.


In 2019, Yehuda and Maya won “The Most Creative Content Makers" award in the prestigious, international competition, "INFLOW GLOBAL Awards," in Istanbul. The award is an acknowledgement that these two talented artists are content masters, skilled at telling a story in just one frame. Their one frame storytelling captures your at-tention, tells a story, and conveys a clear message.


With the same sincerity and personal touch evident from a weekly glimpse at their mar-ried life, Yehuda and Maya open the door, in their lecture, to their daily routine as com-ic artists. The couple shares the dilemmas involved in creating their weekly illustration, as they turn their favorite pastime into a profitable business and international success, while exposing their personal lives to the world.

Business Workshop
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3-4 Hours

20-35 Participates 

Business Workshop

This workshop, charged with mind-blowing inspiration, covers the practical tips and tools you need for:

  • Creating and maintaining a community on social media.

  • Staying relevant over time.

  • Leveraging the art of sharing on social media.

  • Delivering friendly and effective marketing content to your followers.

  • Turning your leisure-time fun into a profession, and building a successful brand on social media

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3-4 Hours

20-35 Participates 

Creative Workshop

This workshop, tailored to the business sector, digital experts, and anyone seeking to build a successful brand, includes:


  • The art of one frame storytelling, or your key to creating high quality, original content that stands out, that gets viewers to focus on the message you want to convey.

  • Building a successful brand on social media, or, the bottom line – how to make mon-ey.

  • Creating, nurturing and maintaining an online community, and how to stay relevant over time - how to continuously attract and retain organic followers.

  • Leveraging the art of sharing on social media, or how to g enerate effective engage-ment. Learn what motivates followers to "like" and leave a comment.

  • Delivering friendly and effective marketing content to f ollowers, or how to integrate advertising that will get high exposure without annoying or losing followers.

  • Maximizing use of diverse, digital platforms, and generating traffic between them, or how to keep my followers on my channels.

  • Time management and teamwork - maximizing results using minimum resources. (You only need a few employees to run an empire).

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