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I miss you already

If I thought giving birth was the hardest thing a woman had to go through in her life then I was wrong! Separating a woman from her baby is a million times harder.

I thank every day that we have been blessed with a job we enjoy and make millions of people happy with us, but the work requires us to travel quite a bit, which means we have to leave Ariel in the hands of her loving grandmothers.

Maya is a true hero the way she flies off for work every time despite the difficulty in parting from Ariel and manages to put her future ahead of her own personal struggle. She keeps saying that separating from Ariel is the hardest thing she's ever experienced, and it doesn't get easier from time to time, even though it makes sense it will. So, there is no sense in parenting... Only what the heart feels.

Being a career person while raising a family is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges we would have to face in life. I don't know what we would do without both of our amazing mothers. I guess mother love to her child has no expiration date.

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תגובה אחת

wow! image and words got straight to my heart. You two really know how to represent & translate a feeling with lots of deep truth behind it!

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