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It's time

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The time has come. Ariel is old enough and Maya and I had to go back to our daily routine. The work was piling up and we had to make the hard step and register Ariel for a day care :/

Maya is heart broken of course but we know that Ariel is in a very good hands and will get use to it faster than we know.

Maya cried for a few days whenever she said goodbye to Ariel in the morning, so we agreed  that I would take her in the morning and Maya will pick her up in the afternoon.

Every step that keeps Ariel away from us is difficult, but in my opinion the real difficulty is not the distance from her, but the knowledge that she is growing up.

Who thought that 8 hours could pass so slowly...

Behind the Scenes video

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1 Comment

Fred vom Lehn
Fred vom Lehn
Dec 29, 2019

Oh Guys! I remember this like it was Yesterday for my son, and he is now 36 years old! Mind you, it was easier for him than it was for me as he was going to Day Care in my best friend's home and she had a baby almost the same age he was. Eventually, it got to where he was not at all glad to see me come pick him up as he prefered playing with his pals. Enjoy every moment you can while she is small. It is over so fast and the next thing you know she will be asking for a cell phone of her own or a car!

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