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Rest In Peace

Last week Ariel was seek the hall week! Every day something new... It was like one thing has led to another: Fever, ear pain, toothache, coughs, she didn't sleep for 5 days!!! 

She was exhausted! We were exhausted! Our heart was broken from seeing her like this.

We tried every treatment there is in the book, knowing that there is nothing els we can do besides loving her and hug her a lot. 

After this week we realized how much our happiness depends on Ariel's happiness.

Behind the Scenes video

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lekor adams
lekor adams

While the solemn phrase 'Rest in Peace' traditionally echoes the quiet farewell to departed souls, we envision a tribute that extends beyond sorrow. Let us remember our dearly departed not only with sorrow but also with a reflection on the wheel of bliss they once spun in life, cherishing the moments of joy and harmony they brought into our lives.


Steve Hooper
Steve Hooper

R-E-L ! Love it

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