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Sh!t Happens!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

A quick tip:

When you change a diaper, make sure to leave the dirty diaper under the baby until you finish cleaning ...

This week's illustration talks about my first experience changing Ariel's her diaper.

Even before we were checked out from the hospital, Maya had already changed diapers to Ariel without any problem. She worked with babies in the past and she changes diapers with on hand behind her back and eyes close.

Me, on the other hand, a little less professional in changing diapers... In fact, I never hold a baby beside my Ariel, not to mention changing a diaper...

After crying, yelling, pooping, peeing and a lot of sweat, we've made it!

Behind the Scenes video

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1 Comment

Piotr Saks
Piotr Saks
Jun 08, 2019

And when little Princess is dressed up, all the stuff is clean off, You are very proud and the next poop is coming - trust me, I'm father of three kids

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