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Our house has been under siege in recent weeks...

Ariel is learning to eat solid food and the house learns to eat with her.

Maya and I became an entertainment stuntmen and  the champions of the faces! We know every trick that will make Ariel open her mouth. And give up on collecting from the floor after her every vegetable she throws... She will always throw more pieces than you have the power to pick up.

Behind the Scenes video

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The vibrant details and emotions depicted took me back to a light-hearted moment I recently had at a delightful Vietnamese restaurant in NZ. While our food escapades weren't as messy as the artwork, the joy of sharing a meal and the bursts of laughter were synonymous. The intricate playfulness of Devir's work, paired with the authentic flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, reminds us to cherish these spirited moments in our lives. Food, art, and memories – they all intertwine in the most unexpected ways!

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