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This week we decided to finally address the Corona virus. 

A new age has begun. We have long been away from our good lives, and although they are beautiful, we have turned our back on them.

People live under stress, work ten hours a day, get stuck on the roads, mothers bring their babies in the morning and collect them in the afternoon, the schools suppress children desire for learning, healthier food is more expensive than processed food, we buy clothes even though our closet is packed.

The revolution we were waiting for is the one that will restore sanity, and we have received at least one month of it, which in fact it has already begun.

In the upcoming month we will work much less... No more spending time in traffic, but spending time with our children, getting to know each other better. There is no shopping at the mall because it's closed, no excessive spending, only home cooking with our love spice :)

No longer planning a vacation to a distant places, and maybe finding out that the best memories we creates at home with our love ones.

We must initiate positive thinking, find the gifts in this new situation, take the time to do all kinds of things we always wanted to do, but didn't have the time for them.

Now more than ever we have to remind ourselves that life is beautiful, enjoyable, and that everything will be OK.

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