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The First Shower

To tell the truth, Ariel's first shower  was a disaster. Neither I nor Maya prepared for  what  was about to happen. We innocently thought that it was enough to look at YouTube video "How to shower a baby" and that would be enough for us to learn for ourselves how to do it.

So a B-I-G NO NO!!!

Ariel's first shower started outside the bathroom when I took her cloths off and she peed all over me and the floor.  Afterwords, the bathroom was so dense, and Instead of focusing on her, we concentrated on how not to step on one another or fall into the toilet.

Not to mention getting out of the shower... It turns out that wiping a baby with a towel is not as simple as you may think, and why didn't anyone mentioned that babies don't like wiping their heads?!?!?!?

Behind the Scenes video

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