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We're pregnant!!!!

After long attempts to have a baby, we finally made it!!!

This is the most remarkable filling in the world! A dream come true.

"We're pregnant" - Behind the Scenes

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Congratulations!!!! I'm sure you guys will be wonderful parents and look forward to seeing all of the new drawings with the little one. God bless!!


Joy Hinds
Joy Hinds
26 sty 2019

Congratulations you two, I such a huge fan of your work and to hear the new adventures await, this is truly exiting. Wishing you all the best


Now you are really going to have material! Parenthood is a bumpy but rewarding ride.


Milton Misael
Milton Misael
10 sty 2019

I have been weighing my options for surgery; but after meeting a 65year old woman at our local hospital who informed me that she was going to have surgery to remove 

the uterus- I thought it may not be helpful to advise women to ignore surgery after menopause with the idea that the fibroids would shrink. There is a neighbor of 

mine who gave me a contact of Dr Ilekhojie who sent her some herbs to use and now she is completely free and i am also on same herbs and its fast improving. Please kindly 

contact him if you are in same condition via his email if you need help


Congrats! Best of luck, health & happiness!

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